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Proactive Women's Podcast

Feb 9, 2024

Welcome to the Proactive Woman podcast, where Joyce Palmer from JP Financial Group provides wisdom on wealth, empowering women to make safe, smart, and simple financial decisions. In this episode, Joyce explores the connection between a healthy heart and your finances, shedding light on how they correlate and what actions you can take to promote both.
Episode Highlights:
  1. Heart Disease Statistics: Joyce shares alarming statistics about heart disease among women in the United States, emphasizing the significance of recognizing and addressing this issue.
  2. Health & Finances Connection: Joyce discusses four key areas where a healthy heart intersects with financial stability:
    • Mental Clarity & Decision Making
    • Longer, More Fulfilling Careers
    • Nutritious Diet & Financial Planning
    • Exercise & Increased Energy
  3. Promoting Health & Wealth: Joyce emphasizes the importance of prioritizing both physical and financial health, encouraging listeners to adopt healthy habits for a prosperous future.
  4. Heart-to-Heart Event: Joyce announces a special event, the "Healthy Heart Heart-to-Heart Event," scheduled for February 17th. This event aims to promote heart health through informative sessions and a relaxing sip and paint activity.
Joyce Palmer welcomes your questions and thoughts. If you're a proactive women listener without a trusted financial resource, schedule a 20-minute "Ask Me Anything" call. Reach out at 804-811-354 or find the direct link below. No obligation, no cost, and no judgment. Health and wealth are intertwined, and by understanding the connection between a healthy heart and financial stability, listeners can take proactive steps toward a prosperous future.