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Proactive Women's Podcast

Feb 17, 2021

It is possible to keep more of what you make when you plan ahead. A well-thought tax strategy can be the key differentiator in meeting your financial goals and in this episode you’ll understand why.

Feb 10, 2021

Fear comes before freedom with any new habit you try to develop. In this conversation, we’ll chat about how you can develop the right habits to fearlessly take control of you finances and freely enjoy retirement with the correct strategies in place!

Feb 8, 2021

The hardest challenge is always starting, especially when it comes to managing your hard earned money. As your host, Joyce Palmer, we’ll discuss how my motivators push me to learn and educate others on the importance of managing money in a healthy and sustainable way

Feb 6, 2021

Welcome to the Proactive Women’s Podcast!

I’m your host, Joyce Palmer, Managing Partner of JP Financial Group, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. After over 20 years of working with women on their wealth, I’m excited to use this platform to continue to empower women and help them gain control of their financial...